This is time for

This is your chance to relax, chill out and enjoy a sumptuous, personalised, holistic massage with only you in mind

Due to the existing government guidance regarding Covid-19, I am not currently taking any bookings until we get through this difficult phase. However, you are free to contact me if you wish whereby I will notify you as soon as I am able to safely work again.
In the meantime, please keep washing those hands thoroughly, retain that social distancing and stay healthy!
                                                                          Regards, Alan


Sumptuous Swedish and Deep Tissue massage – nice and slow!


Allows your mind to totally clear of any anxieties for a beautifully soothing whole-body experience


Take time out just for you whereby you will unwind and feel energized and alive

Close your eyes, let your mind drift away to a beautiful place . . . . .

Hi, I'm Alan

I provide beautiful, personalised, holistic relaxation massage for female clients across the St Albans, Hertfordshire area. I am fully qualified, insured and dedicated to offering sumptuous treatments that will absolutely soothe your mind, body and soul. My aim is to ensure that you feel truly pampered, with the comfort of knowing that you are in safe hands that will care for your wellbeing at all times.
Above all else, I offer a peaceful, non-judgemental space where you can relax and just be yourself.

Why choose

  • Am able to read the body well and apply a firm but sensitive touch
  • Personalised sessions tailored to your requirements
  • I operate a strict body judgement-free zone
  • Utilising my up to-date knowledge of the body for your care
  • You can cozy into a pre-heated massage couch on those extra chilly days!
  • Complete confidentiality

Just some of the conditions that massage can help you with:

Circulatory problems
Headache, especially due to tension
Digestive problems
Poor body self-confidence


Choose Your Duration

Pick a session that best fits your schedule and goals.  Each massage is individually shaped just for you.

The one-hour massage is ideal if you are looking for some soothing back, neck and shoulder massage whereby you just want to help ease those knots and enjoy some quality ‘down-time’ for a while.

This 90-minute session is great if you can allow yourself additional time for you to completely relax and unwind for some deep-penetrating back work along with the gluteals (if you wish) and back of legs.  As we would naturally discuss beforehand the areas you want me to concentrate on, this session is totally flexible and can be varied accordingly. Wonderful for both mind and body.

For a sumptuous two-hour full-body massage, this is a totally indulgent and luxurious pamper session! You will find your mind blissfully clearing of any negativity that you may have been carrying around and it is quite common for the client to doze off more than once during this massage. I will work through your various muscle-groups, helping to relieve any tightness you may have experienced in those problem areas, but the overall effect will be to take both mind and body to a wonderful level of total relaxation which you may not have experienced before.

1 hour massage


Add £20 for Hot Stone upgrade

90 minute massage


Add £20 for Hot Stone upgrade

2 hour massage


Add £20 for Hot Stone upgrade

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This week's special offer

60 minute body massage


for a limited time

only £45


Opening hours - Temporarily Closed

Please contact me and I’ll be happy to help accommodate your wishes.
(See below for Contact Form)

  • Monday-Fri: 10:30 - 19:30
  • Saturday: 11:00 - 19:30
  • Sunday: Contact for availability

Please be aware, should you have a Hotmail email address, that their spam filters can be a little over-zealous whereby my reply to you may go directly into your “spam” folder, so be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you don’t see my reply in your inbox after 48 hours.  Your email address will only be used for my reply to your enquiry and will not be shared with anyone else.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Prior to your first massage, I will carry out a short consultation to ensure that your treatment is safe for you and to establish that there are no contra-indications which may restrict or prohibit a massage. All information provided on your consultation form will be used solely for the purpose of providing the most appropriate treatment for you. Your personal data is strictly confidential, will be stored securely in hard copy, not electronically and will not be shared with anyone else.