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Loyalty Scheme

Every time you refer a friend via my loyalty card, I will offer you a 15% discount off your next massage session following their completed appointment.

Why Choose Me?

  • Am able to read the body well and apply a firm but sensitive touch
  • I operate a strict body judgement-free zone
  • Utilising my up to-date knowledge of the body for your care
  • You can cozy into a pre-heated massage couch on those extra chilly days!

What Clients Say

I have just had the most wonderful massage with an absolutely delightful man. Alan is an extremely accomplished therapist who made me feel comfortable, cared for and nurtured. I left feeling on cloud nine. Thank you Alan; I will see you again very soon.
Paula M. (Watford)
This is not just any massage. This is a two-hour experience to completely de-stress body and mind. I’ve been seeing Alan for a few years now and every time I leave feeling like a walking marshmallow – all soft and gooey. Alan doesn’t just do the standard massage routine, he goes way beyond this in order to really take his clients to a deeper level of relaxation, unlocking tension, soothing, nurturing and all the while holding a completely safe and sensitive space. I highly recommend him.
Candice L. (St Albans)
Lovely fluid massage, liberating built-up tension from my work as a therapist and deep relaxation. I was asleep at least twice. Most importantly, wonderful connection with the client. I’m hooked!
Emma J. (Chalfont)
Thank you for the lovely massage, I enjoyed it very much and felt very well looked after and ‘pampered’! It’s very obvious from your caring touch that you enjoy what you do and you have a natural instinct for finding those areas that need working on. I felt relaxed and free of tension afterwards.
Fiona P. (Bricket Wood)
Just wanted to thank you Alan for the lovely Hot Stone treatment yesterday. I felt amazing last night, full of energy. Thank you.
Jackie P. (Northwood)